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Exam Code: N10-006
Exam Name: CompTIA Network+
Updated: Aug 27, 2017
Q&As: 461

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The main differences between CompTIA Network+ N10-005 and CompTIA Network+ N10-006 dumps are the following:

  • Updated terms and technologies in the IT networking field.
  • More hands-on experiences such as installing, configuring, implementing, managing and troubleshooting.
  • Three new topics:
  • Compare and contrast physical security controls.
  • Summarize basic forensic concepts.
  • Summarize safety practices

N10-006 dumps

A technician wants to update the organization’s disaster recovery plans. Which of the following will allow
network devices to be replaced quickly in the event of a device failure?
A. Vendor documentation
B. Archivesjbackups
C. Proper asset tagging and labeling
D. Network Baseline
N10-006 exam
Correct Answer: B
A network technician is troubleshooting a network connection error, when pinging the default gateway no
reply is received. The default gateway is found to be functioning properly but cannot connect to any
workstations. At which of the following OSI layers could the problem exist? (Select TWO)
A. Presentation
B. Transport
C. Session
D. Data link
E. Application
F. Physical
Correct Answer: DF
A new threat is hiding traffic by sending TLS-encrypted traffic outbound over random ports. Which of the
following technologies would be able to detect and block this traffic?
A. Intrusion detection system
B. Application aware firewall
C. Stateful packet inspection
D. Stateless packet inspection
N10-006 dumps
Correct Answer: C
A technician add memory to a router, but that memory is never recognized by the router. The router is then
powered down, and the technician relocates all of the memory to different modules. On startup, the router
does not boot and displays memory errors. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause?
B. Driver update
D. Halon particles
Correct Answer: B
Which of the following types of equipment should be used for telecommunications equipment and have an
open design?
A. 2j4 post racks
B. Rail Racks
C. Vertical frame
D. Ladder racks
N10-006 pdf
Correct Answer: A
OFDM, QAM and QPSK are all examples of which of the following wireless technologies?
A. Frequency
B. Modulation
C. RF interference
D. Spectrum
Correct Answer: B
After an employee connected a switch port of a home router to the wall jack in the office, other employees
in the office started losing connectivity. Which of the following can be implemented on the company switch
to prevent loss of connectivity in the future?
A. Loop prevention
B. ARP inspections
C. DHCP snooping
D. MAC address filtering
N10-006 vce
Correct Answer: A
A technician suspects that the email system is slow due to excessive incoming SPAM. Which of the
following should the technician do according to the troubleshooting methodology?
A. Verify full system functionality
B. Block incoming email
C. Establish a plan of action
D. Gather information
E. Consider multiple approaches
Correct Answer: D
Which of the following allows for spatial reuse and utilizes several multipath distortions as RF data
A. Omni-directional.
C. Distributed
D. Beam Forming
N10-006 exam
Correct Answer: A
Which of the following allows a telecommunication company to test circuits to customers remotely?
B. Toner Probe
D. Smart Jack
Correct Answer: D
When setting up a new network monitoring utility, a technician finds that some devices are not reporting
Which of the following would Most likely be required to correct the issue with an SNMP enabled monitoring
A. Updating MIBS
B. Enabling port mirroring
C. Enabling jumbo frames
D. Configuring half duplex
N10-006 dumps
Correct Answer: A
QUESTION 24. ETSI BRAN is directly responsible for which wireless technology?
A. Bluetooth
B. HiperLAN2
Answer: B
QUESTION 25. IEEE 802.11b supports the following data packet rates:
A. 1, 2, 5.5, and 11 Mbps
B. 1, 2, 5, and 11 Mbps
C. 1, 2.5, 5 and 11 Mbps
D. 1, 2, 5 and 11.5 Mbps
N10-006 pdf
Answer: A
QUESTION 26. Access Points do NOT do the following:
A. Forward frames between wireless and/or wire-attached stations
B. Buffer frames for stations out of range or in power save mode
C. Route frames between different subnets
D. Forward frames between wireless devices on the same subnet
Answer: C
QUESTION 27. An Extended Service Set configuration includes which of the following devices?
A. Mobile units and multiple Access Points connected to wired LANs
B. Mobile units with no Access Points
C. Mobile devices and a single Access Point connected to a wired LAN
D. Multi-homed mobile devices
N10-006 vce
Answer: A
QUESTION 28. Which three of the following devices support 802.11b WLAN software and hardware? (Select three that
A. Desktop PC
B. Laptop PC
C. Analog cellular telephone
D. Personal Digital Assistant
Answer: ABD
QUESTION 29. What data transfer rates does IEEE 802.11a support?
A. 1 and 2 Mbps
B. 1, 2.5, 5 and 11 Mbps

C. 6 to 54 Mbps
D. 1, 2, 5 and 11.5 Mbps
N10-006 exam
Answer: C
QUESTION 30. Which Expert layer does NOT show wireless objects ?
A. Application
B. Session
C. Connection
D. Global
Answer: D
QUESTION 31. Which Monitor display shows the channel each device is using?
A. Host Table > MAC tab
B. Global Statistics > Channel Surfing tab
C. Host Table > 802.11 tab
D. Global Statistics > Utilization Dist. tab
N10-006 dumps
Answer: C
QUESTION 32. Which Monitor display shows various counts and the BSSID on each channel?
A. Global Statistics > Channel Surfing tab
B. Matrix > Channel Surfing tab
C. Dashboard > Channel Surfing tab
D. Protocol Distribution > Channel surfing tab
Answer: A
QUESTION 33. Which Monitor application shows the minimum, maximum and current signal strength of each device?
A. Matrix > MAC Detail
B. Global Statistics > Channel Surfing tab
C. Host Table > 802.11 tab
D. Multiple History Samples
N10-006 pdf
Answer: C
QUESTION 34. True or false? You must use both a wireless and Ethernet card to monitor and sniff a wireless network.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B
QUESTION 35. You can set wireless triggers using which three criteria? (Select three that apply)
A. Enable Alarms, then choose various wireless frame types
B. Choose a previously defined capture filter

C. Enable Alarms, then choose the channel you wish to observe
D. Enable channel surfing, then use a station address filter
N10-006 vce
Answer: ABD
QUESTION 36. What is the minimum RAM recommended for a Sniffer Portable with a wireless interface?
A. 32 MB
B. 64 MB C.
128 MB D.
256 MB
Answer: C
QUESTION 37. Which path is used to enable Sniffer Portable to capture on specific BSSID and ESSIDs?
A. Capture > Options > 802.11 tab
B. Capture > Define filter > 802.11 tab
C. Tools > Options > 802.11 tab
D. Capture > Tools > 802.11 tab
N10-006 exam
Answer: C
QUESTION 38. Sniffer Wireless shows full seven-layer decodes for all frames if you:
A. Enter the correct WEP key before you open a trace file
B. Entered the correct WEP key before the frames were captured
C. Use Display > Display Setup > Summary Display > Decrypt all frames
D. Use Display > Display Setup > Summary Display and enable 802.11 protocols
Answer: B
QUESTION 39. Which statement is correct about Sniffer Portables ability to work with WEP encrypted frames?
A. Sniffer Portable cannot decode WEP encrypted data frames
B. Sniffer Portable can decode entire encrypted frames if you have entered the correct WEP keys
C. Sniffer Portable can decode only the DLC and network layer of encrypted frames if you have entered
the correct WEP keys
D. Sniffer Portable supports only 40-bit WEP encryption
N10-006 dumps
Answer: B
QUESTION 40. Which PHY medium specifies Dwell Time?
Infrared D.
Answer: B

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